CG Transit

Offline public transport trip planner for Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Offline public transport trip planner for Europe, United States and Canada.


CG Transit

CG Transit is one of the most popular travel applications in the Czech Republic and Slovakia which allows offline public transport trip planning.

  • czech and slovak trains, buses and public transport
  • offline searching (no internet access required)
  • easy to use but including advanced features
  • nice interface design
  • supports all Android devices since 5, iPhone, iPad


CG Transit is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Paid licenses contain data feed updates for one year and full support and can be purchased in the application.

1 data feed in Europe
0.99€ / 1 year

Czech package
3.99€ / 1 year

Slovakia package
3.99€ / 1 year

European trains package
3.99€ / 1 year

Czech, Slovak and European trains package
5.99€ / 1 year

"Wow widely used for traveling is a useful overview for other connections, saving time."

Liborius Smahel

"Well designed! You've thought of everything. I love the map integration."



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